Thin and curved, Ulamai is probably the only mortal in the ancient Tal'mae'Rah.


Ulamai is a charismatic man with dreary, brown eyes in a sharp-pointed face. His skin bears the sign of an harsh life in the deepest deserts. He often wears black turban and long dress decorated with the symbol of the Tal’Mae’Rah, but if he must leave his secret haven in the poor, islamic district of Jerusalem he doesn’t seem more than a dust-covered beggar.


Born somewhere in the central Africa, he claims to be the only survivor of the Last Basarab Kingdom. According to what he normally says to his companion of the Tal’Mae’Rah he has abandoned his home to hunt for an Immortal. Who his prey was is unknown, but for sure during the chase Ulamai met the Ancient Lord of the Land Beyond the Forest, Velia, The Seraph. Exactly why this powerful Immortal decided not only to spare his life but also to invite him in the Tal’Mae’Rah could be explained on the base of Ulamai’s extraordinary knowledge and wisdom. After many years of faithful service, Ulamai was sent to Aelia Capitolina, best known in the modern age as Jerusalem, here he voluntary submit himself to the mysterious Oblivion ritual, his entire memory was wiped out and stored in a secret part of his Soul. He was transformed into the perfect Sleeping Agent, waiting the mystic words capable to restore his previous personality and memory.


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